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Can you help provide information?
The Leicestershire County Council are collating information on the location, history and condition of all known wartime memorials situated in and around Leicestershire and Rutland.

Do you know or want to know more about a wartime memorial situated near you?

Can you provide further information as to who commissioned the memorial or photographs?

Click Here to view the online map interface showing known sites.

Tested by Bomb and Flame: Leicester versus Luftwaffe Air Raids 1939-1945
by Austin J. Ruddy

An authoritive hardback illustrating an indepth account of Leicester's battle against Hitler's Luftwaffe during the Second World War by the author of "To the Last Round: The Leicestershire and Rutland Home Guard 1940-1945".

Cover image to Tested by Bomb and Flame: Leicester versus Luftwaffe Air Raids 1939-1945 by Austin J Ruddy
The result of fifteen years' exhaustive research, 'Tested By Bomb and Flame' uses an array of local, national and international archival records, some only recently declassified, to reveal the true story of the air raids on Leicester. Several myths and factual errors published over the last seven decades, regarding dates, locations and
numbers of casualties, are corrected and enduring questions, such as whether Leicester was accidentally bombed, are definitively answered.

This book details a blow-by-blow account of all the air raids on Leicester, along with powerful accounts by those who experienced the air raids. This book contains many previously unpublished dramatic photographs from the Leicester Mercury archives and private sources, together with rare documents and memorabilia, that give an insight into the city's Blitz and ARP services. The book is now available online here.

Produced in hardback, 160pages (306 x 211mm) with photographs. ISBN 978-0857042514.
Cover price: £19.99

But for These Things - Leicester and its People in WWII
by Vincent Holyoak

A welcome addition to a now healty set of publications based on the domestic experience of the people of Leicester during the Second World War by the author of "On the Wings of the Morning: RAF Bottesford 1941-45".

Cover image to But for These Things - Leicester and its People in WWII by Vincent Holyoak
In the words of the author: "I wanted to give a voice to the people who lived through those times, but whose personal stories are rarely heard in the official records. I also wanted to touch upon some of the themes not generally covered or glossed over in other histories, notable amongst which were the crime
wave which swept the city during the war and the race disturbances that occurred during 1943-44."

This title is a welcome addition to the growing historical knowledge of Leicestershire's wartime history highlighting often overlooked aspects of the wartime history of Leicestershire during the Second World War. If you would like to To order a copy of this book from the author for a discount price, click here.

Produced in paperback, 320pages (230 x 156mm) with photographs. ISBN 1-78306-402-1.
Cover price: £14.99

The Victory Show

Friday 6th - Sunday 8th September 2019

The Victory Show has something for everyone from re-enactment camps, miniature steam train rides, 1940s vehicles, and model remote controlled aircraft. There will be over 60 stalls in the large trader’s area. Static WWII Aircraft, Tank rides and period farming machinery will be present.

There will be a huge army encampment and visiting Re-enactment Groups with over 200 vehicles including heavy armour, Tanks and many more attractions all over the Cosby Victory Show site including various food and drink outlets.

For more info, click here.

Do you have any wartime memories to share?

If you have any memories of living or serving in Leicestershire during the Second World War, feel free to share them with Wartime Leicestershire, on our 'Memoirs' page.

If you wish to submit an account of your own experiences during the war in Leicestershire, please contact Wartime Leicestershire,















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