Whispering Panes

Probing fingers, caressed the sky
Searchlights - seeking aircraft high
Our shelter abandoned - so cold - so damp
Smelling of moulding blankets - candles - a paraffin lamp.

Moonlight filled my room this night
Blackouts wide, to give more light
I lay in bed, froze to the quick
Trying to coax warmth from an oven baked brick.

Then the distant skyline changed to show
An eerie - expanding - dark red glow
And from my windows came a whispering swell
A fine vibration - which rose and then fell.

The sound increased as time went by
To fit the glow within the sky
Growing stronger with vibrations blending
To a sound continuous - never ending.

Came realisation - later - with shock so deep
That the sounds I heard as I fell asleep
Were my unforgettable introduction
To the sound of carnage - death - destruction.

as witnessed from Leicester
November 14/15th. 1940.

By T. Cartwright

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