The bombing of Brewster's Farm, Narborough.

  I see that on record (Cartwright, 2002) a 'Land-mine' exploded above Tommy Webster's farm, Copt Oak Road, Narborough. This is incorrect, it exploded above a tree at the top of the Brewster's farm field, close to Burns Street, not far from Carlton Hays Hospital. It blew all the tiles off the Brewster's farm house. My husband, Ted Brewster, who lived there, told me about it many times in the early fifties, when we were first married, in fact he never forgot it. For the record, Roland Beeson's Farm, Fleckney Lane, Arnesby, had six incendiaries drop around his farm!

By H. Brewster


Cartwright, T.C. 2002 “Birds Eye Wartime Leicestershire 1939-1945 ” TCC Publications, Leicester.

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