Memoirs of the Kirby Muxloe and Glenfield raid of 19th November 1940.

    I was a school boy living in Glenfield at the time, and recall the parachute mines going off, rattling our windows. I also remember the line of some of the bombs that fell. (do not know the direction). One fell on the side of the road, between the 'Airman's Rest' P.H. and the crossroads near Kirby Muxloe, and some of the others across the fields towards the lane between Kirby Muxloe and Glenfield (This lane is now closed off, I think.) When we went on the school bus, the following days, some of the boys were selling the parachute mine cords, at 6d for about 8". Unfortunately, it soon unwound and was no good!

    As you can appreciate, the years affect the memory, but I am totally convinced there is an aircraft crash (or forced landing) that you have not mentioned. From memory, I think it was a Hampden, and in the wintery autumn months, as we kept trying to creep up in the mist/fog to pinch some bits, without the guards seeing us!

    On the attached piece of paper, I have tried to draw the site of this accident, as it was then.

By R. Bell

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