Memoirs of the raids on the county during 1940-41.

    During the 1939-1945 war, we lived in Rugby Road, Hinckley - father, mother, sister and myself. My sister and I recall the air-raids vividly and with dad being in the Home Guard and an ex-army officer, we had a good idea of what was happening, where, and remember many, many, incidents and long, noisy nights.

    I remember the major raid on Leicester very well. It coming so soon after the major raid of the 14th November on Coventry, allied to the part that my mother had, on the 20th November, to take me to Markfield Hospital via Leicester. The Newarke, where we waited for a bus, was a shambles, and then mother became lost because of diversions for U.X.B.'s on the return journey.

    When the bombs were dropped on Merevale Avenue 16/17th May 1941, they blew my sister down the stairs and me out of bed! There was only two explosions. As bombs were uncommonly dropped in 3's or 6's, there has always been a suspicion that one landed to explode later that night.

By J. Sleath

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