The last 'Lamp' post serenade.

It was 11:30 pm. It was during the war. I was wakened by the sound of singing - loud raucous singing and shouting, coming from the street - I lay there listening to badly sung "Rugby" type songs - punctuated by many shouts of "keep quiet" "get down" from irate neighbours.

    I staggered out of bed and looked out of my window to see in the moonlight, a young airman, 18/19 yrs old, swinging crazily around the top of a lamp post. At the bottom stood his young girl friend, who lived a few doors away, pleading with him to stop. After much persuading he eventually climbed down and was taken indoors and peace reigned.

     The following day, this event was the main topic of the day among the neighbours voicing their disgust and disapproval of the drunken behaviour of this young airman. His girlfriend was made very much aware of it!

     The next day I was out in the street when this young girl appeared on her way back from work - one of the neighbours shouted "Hey Vera - how's your noisy boyfriend?" The girl paused, and looking him straight in the eye, said, "Don't worry - he won't bother you again - he was killed last night over Germany." He was an Air Gunner.

'Humble Pie' was the main dish of the day for the street, for weeks after.

By T. Cartwright

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