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The Stirling Bomber in Thurnby.

I read with interest Dr. Dexter's account of his memories of the aircraft fuselage he used to play on as a child in Thurnby. I'm afraid he mistakenly described it as a crashed Lancaster. It was in fact one of the Stirling Bombers from RAF Leicester East (Stoughton) that was set up on logs and used for training - loading, supply dropping etc. For many years I had one of the pilots control wheels out of it. Sadly when I left home to get married I dumped it along with many other souvenirs. My other regret is that I never took a note of its serial number.

The fuselage was standing on some round wooden piles and I think many of the local boys carried out their aircrew adventurers in it. I would love to know its serial number we would then almost certainly know how it came to be written off.

I often wonder what went through the pilot's mind the first time they climbed in the Stirling cockpit. It was so much higher off the ground than all other aircraft due to the extreme size of its main undercarriage wheels.

Just one more note to add: Dr Dexter's photo shows an American Wacco Hadrian glider. Odd ones did appear at Leicester East from time to time but most of the gliders there were the British Airspeed Horsa type.


By J. Collier

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