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Extracts from Percy Edward Agar's Diary.

My father's diaries have come to light recently and there's some interesting snippets of information recorded during the war.

My father, Percy Edward Agar, was a Leicester man commissioned into the Leicesershire regiment in 1917. The diaries are from the 1940s when he was a schoolmaster at the Gateway School and also taught at the Vaughan College.

June 17th 1940: On duty at Saffron Lane. News of French surrender announced on the bus outside the Red Cow (our local bus stop at Leicester Forest East.)

Sept 14th 1940: Blackberrying with Nigel (me aged 4) along Enderby and Lubbesthope Lane, and Saffron Lane in the evening. (The evening St. Ives Road, Essex Road and Ireton Road, was bombed leaving 4 fatalities.)

Nov 14th 1940: (Night of the main Coventry bombing) "Went down to City Boys (school) Saw shell bursts over Coventry from West Bridge. Terrible raid over midlands especially Coventry. Siren at 9.20 all clear 6.05 Shelter covered with 3 inches of water. Went under stairs with Nigel. (this shelter was a dead loss. it frequently flooded.)

I do recall my dad coming in during the night waring a FW 'Firewatchers' armband. According to the diary this was the night of November 19th 1940. He had walked home from the city center and had been told at a Home Guard roadblock near the Shoulder of Mutton pub that Kirby Muxloe had been hit, so he was extremely relieved to find the house still standing with us inside it. The county ARP bomb map - extracts shown in the 'Birds Eye Wartime Leicestershire' shows a massive attack on the village but about a mile north of where we were.


By N. Agar

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