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The Pulford's - 59 Ireton Road.

I am the great, great, great granddaughter of Charles and Emma Pulford who were killed on 14th September 1940 at no. 59 Ireton Road.

I am researching my family tree and your website has helped in providing further information. The photographs of their bungalow after the bombing is very sad but also helps me with my research. Charles Pulford was the foreman at the Gipsy Lane Brickworks, and the bungalow came with the job. He had moved from Beccles in Suffolk to become the foreman in Leicester.

My grandad who was aged 6 at the time was meant to be visiting his great grandparents at Ireton Road that night but was "playing up" as my great grandma put it, so they decided not to visit. That night the bomb fell on their bungalow and the rest is history as they say. I have attached a photograph of Emma Pulford (nee Houghton) for your information.

Image of Emma Pulford

By G. Vincent

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