Memories of the U.S. Billeted in Braunstone.

    I remember when I was a little girl, towards the end of the war – I think it was, an American soldier (I think he was a Colonel) and his wife moved into the house between my two auntie’s, on Turnbull Drive. I remember he was quite a small chubby man, and he was in full uniform. He and his wife came to both auntie’s Christmas parties; one on Christmas Day, and the other on Boxing Day. They were quiet people, I think they enjoyed experiencing a real English Christmas.

    I seem to remember they kept in touch with my auntie’s for quite a long time after they went back to America.

    Also, when we were at war, Mrs Lines next door to us had her nephew ‘Bif’, an American soldier who was stationed in Leicester, stay with them (I’ve always supposed he was on leave). He used to give us children boxes of JellyBeans; they called ‘All Sweets Candy’.

    However, these memories are shrouded in the mists of time. Just when the correct dates were, I’m not sure. So please take this into consideration.

By J. Le-Butt

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