Memories of Cavendish Road, Aylestone.

    I was a child of 7 living in Aylestone Park and I well remember the first bombs falling on Cavendish Road. It was a daylight raid on August 21st 1940 and I was out in the street playing at the time. We had little or no warning between the siren "going off" and the bombs falling. I was told in no uncertain tones by an ARP warden to leave my toys and get into shelter quickly! I couldn't get home, but luckily my aunt lived near by and I ran there.

    After the raid I remember walking with my cousin and looking at the ruins of what had been our local shops in Cavendish Road. The memory of a bedroom wall, still wallpapered and with a mirror or picture still hanging in place is one I will never forget.

    Later, we had evacuees from London, but that's another story!

   By  R. Matthews

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